Jose's Cantina

690 McQueen Smith Rd N
Prattville, AL 36066


  • Being a CA native who is very picky about her Mexican food, this is by far the best Mexican food we've found around here!
  • Great food from a proprietor passionate about his business and his community.
  • Try the garlic shrimp...everytime i order it whoevers with me wishes they had ordered it instead!
  • Great food made even better by Jose's personality.
  • 1.99 Margaritas!!! On Thursdays and Saturdays :)))
  • Jose's is the best Mexican food anywhere and their customer service is above and beyond! You gotta try this place!
  • Jose's Cantina is always helping out the community when it needs help. Oh, and they have great food!
  • No too bad, but Mexico tipico is still my favorite.