Japadog - Waterfront Skytrain Station

Hot Dogs, Food Truck
Granville St (at Cordova St)
Vancouver, BC V6C 2R6

Japadog’s Japanese-inspired hot dogs are a welcome break from the usual hot dog with ketchup and mustard. Their signature hot dog, “Terimayo,” is drizzled with teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise, and then covered with a heap of shredded seaweed. The buns are grilled to order so they’re crispy and warm. The hot dog is slightly sliced so that the sauce can seep into the meat. It may be a bit messy to eat and the generous serving is bound to keep you full.

If one hot dog is not enough, there are many more to choose from. The “Okonomi” is a juicy Kurobuta sausage with bonito flakes. The “Yakisoba,” which is an arabiki sausage topped with Japanese noodles, might be worth a try. Have a hot dog with their most popular fries, “Butter & Shoyu.” Finish off your meal with the “Ice Age,” which is a deep fried bun filled with your choice of ice cream (vanilla, mango, strawberry, black sesame, or matcha). This is comfort food at its best.

--Vivian Mac


  • The only thing better is 2
  • Goku Dare is good
  • Japadog stands are overrated and overhyped, IMHO. It's pretty much a hot dog with Japanese toppings. Might have been good when the company was smaller, before expansion to Los Angeles. Pass.
  • My favourite veggie option is the veggie terimayo. Your welcome.
  • Best hot dog I've ever had! Any in their menu is great, so you can't go wrong
  • Kurobuta teri mayo, always a favourite!
  • The best hotdogs in the world (Kurobuta Terimayo) and karaoke if you ask.

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