Jamaica Multiplex Cinemas

Row 1

159-02 Jamaica Ave (at Parsons Blvd.)
Jamaica, NY 11432
(800) 315-4000
Cineplex, Movie Theater
Mon–Sun: 11:00 AM–Midnight

Foursquare Tips

  • With all the respect of the black community who attends this place, but if are a person who likes peaceful theaters and quietness while watching the movie, YOU WON'T FIND IT HERE!
  • Try not to go on the day the movie is first released(usually Friday) at peak hours(4-10pm). The theater is very crowded and noisy. You WILL NOT enjoy the movie. Sunday is your best bet or Tuesday $6.
  • This theaters conditions are great, especially for those people(cant stand crowded showings)that wait a week or 2 to see a new movies, they usually show a decent selection of movies for a month or 2!
  • Great theater but the 'some' of the staffs are unbelievably rude and incompetent.
  • Tuesday's are now $7.50 regular show $9.50 3D. Matinee "bargain" price gone up to $9.25 first show and $11.75 for the rest. Prices getting ridiculously high now. Might as well go to Manhattan,
  • *spits water* I paid HOW MUCH for this bottle of water!?
  • Run awayy!!!!!!!!!!
  • Their popcorn stays cold, or their escalator not working sooo annoying
  • Not too bad of a theater. Area is not the best at night. But the theater wasn't busy at all
  • Best time to come out in the early part of the day!! #lessbullcrap
  • Bring a knapsack to bring your outside food lol
  • would like to know if there is any bollywood movie playing
  • I avoid nights and weekends cause they can tend to b very crowded, noisy, and ghetto. During Sundays and first showings its not crowded, staff is kind and you can enjoy a good movie in peace!
  • Great theater, despite its random location!
  • it was okay
  • Senior citizens Wednesday discount with coupon for for small popcorn and soda
  • I always go to the movie before the school kids get to this theater in the afternoon
  • I prefer to see movies early before school kids get there, Tuesday's are the best day to go
  • No est boa localidade, porm apresenta salas boas, confortveis e com timo audiovisual!
  • Tuesdays are the best days to come here. Any other time and you're testing your luck. If you have a star card make sure you remember to give it to em before each purchase. Lazy concession worker 2day