Jack Trice Stadium

Stadium, Football, Football
1800 S 4th St (at University Blvd)
Ames, IA 50011


  • The Upset Of the 2011 Season took place on November 19th when the Cyclones beat #2 Oklahoma State in OT, enabling eventual National Champion Alabama a spot in the BCS Title game.
  • I'm drunk.
  • ISUCF'V'MB rocks the hizzouse!
  • How many Iowa State fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Ten. One to actually do it, and nine to talk about how great Seneca Wallace was.
  • You will want to make sure you get your refills and use the restrooms during midway through the second quarter if you don't want to miss halftime or the beginning of the third quarter.
  • Jack Trice Stadium broke attendance records in the 2011 season with over 50,000 tickets sold for every home game. On Nov. 18, the Cyclones upset #2 Oklahoma State in double overtime.
  • Sooners Suck
  • Iowa State became the Cyclones after they leveled Northwestern in 1895. As the Chicago Tribune (9/29/1895) noted: "Struck by a Cyclone."
  • The annual spring football game will be Sat. April 14 and the 2012 football schedule has been released. Check out the home games here - http://bit.ly/AcNQKV
  • Whatever EvanBu says take with a grain of salt. He is an ISU graduate.
  • Must-see footage: Amazing time-lapse video of the scoreboard installation in the north endzone.
  • Cyclone nation, rise up
  • Can't beat this stadium! The excitement is unbelievable and the energy! The new south end zone looks great!
  • Tickets are easy to come by.
  • Rohach! Filler, filler...
  • First football game for our grandson . Go Cyclones!
  • The one and only stadium that matters!!!!
  • Try not coming here it's full of losers every Saturday in the fall. ;)
  • On Iowa. Go Hawks
  • Not proud...

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