Hyde Park Square

Plaza, Parking, Other Outdoors
Erie Ave (btw Edwards & Michigan)
Cincinnati, OH 45208


  • Free WiFi is available from the Lily Pad Project, a volunteer initiative by Give Back Cincinatti to bring free wireless to public spots. - David Heyburn
  • Slow down, grab a dip of Graeter's icecream and relax in a bench.
  • It's a nice place to go for a stroll and get a latte at Awakening!
  • A great walkable place to spend a moment or an entire afternoon. Graeter's ice cream, multiple great restaurants and plenty of spots to sit and relax.
  • Outdoor dining right on the square Cock and Bull. Fabulous!
  • Sit on a bench & listen to the birds, fountain, & children.
  • One of my favourite places to visit when I travel home.
  • I unlocked this cool scene from the movie No Man's Land : Dead Heat. Thanks tumbleweed.me
  • Try lunch on the patio at Cock & Bull! Great atmosphere!
  • Lovely, cool place for lunch.
  • Cute, quaint ... is there a vacancy? Very cute little neighborhood with loads to shop and dine at.
  • Interesting town and its right near another one at Mt.Lookout.
  • Poco a poco has one of the largest selections of premium tequilas in the city.
  • At the art show
  • Play the piano!

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