Hurricanes and Fried Shrimp Po’Boys at New York's Acme Bar and Grill

A taste of New Orleans in NoHo.

Fried shrimp po’boy with cinnamon sweet potato fries.

NoHo’s Acme Bar & Grill serves a legit Fried Shrimp Po’Boy that even discerning Louisiana expats can stand behind. It may not be Mother’s, but Acme’s sandwich hits the mark with tender, cornmeal-crusted shrimp amply stuffed in a soft, crusty baguette.

The Po’Boy is served un-sauced, but it comes with a lemon wedge and sides of tangy cocktail sauce and creamy remoulade. Surprisingly, it doesn’t really need any add-ons, but a squirt of lemon juice and a dab of remoulade only improve the experience. You get your choice of one side— go with the cinnamon-dusted sweet potato fries, which have a dessert-like quality to them.

You can also make like you’re at Pat O’Brien’s on Bourbon Street by ordering a pitcher of Hurricanes. This rum and passion juice-based concoction may look pink and girlie, but it’ll knock you on your ass if you’re not careful.

This location is now closed.