House Park Skatepark

Skate Park
Shoal Creek Blvd (12th & Lamar)
Austin, TX 78701


  • If you play Ingress, there are a ton of portals in the area.
  • Carve the bowl at high speeds not while high
  • BMX or Skateboard. Leave the scooters at home.
  • Brilliant Skatepark - we visited from Australia & loved it. Here are some pics and a review of our visit here:
  • Leave when school gets out.
  • This is an awesome skate park! Bring lots of water because there isn't much cover from the sun. If you have a camera, bring it. You'll snap some nice photos.
  • Ledges like butter!
  • The 30,000-square-foot Austin BMX & Skate Park is a cement oasis filled with ramps, humps, rails, stairs and a half pipe where a whole culture has sprung. The best part: Its free.

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