Holloman AFB Shoppette

Convenience Store, Food & Drink
1st St.
Holloman Air Force Base, NM 88330
(575) 479-2201


  • As of February 7, 2019, the morning staff are awesome! They are friendly and try to make your day go off to a good start!
  • As of Febuary 6, 2019, the afternoon staff are rood and grumpy. Don't ask them for help and don't expect them to be nice and understanding after a long day.
  • Tornados are legit here. Can't have just one
  • Hit up the new beer section. Lots of imports and local region selections now!
  • Check out one of the best wine selections (and prices) in the area!
  • Do not use the dvd kiosk... doesn't let you get movies

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