20 Classic Dishes We Can’t Imagine Our 4th of July Barbecue Without

These dishes are absolutely essential to every Independence Day party
Devilled Eggs


Classic devilled eggs are the perfect 4th of July appetizer.

It’s so nearly the Fourth of July, our favorite day to celebrate our independence, and gorge on every classic American dish we can think of. You may think we’re unoriginal for wanting to feast on nothing but hot dogs, slaw, and ribs every time this holiday rolls around, but we don’t mind. There’s no better way to celebrate this patriotic, red, white, and blue-themed day, than with these traditional, well-loved, ever-dependable recipes.

20 Classic Dishes We Can’t Imagine Our 4th of July Barbecue Without (Slideshow)

With the porch decked out in stars and stripes, and the flags fluttering in the breeze, it’s time to turn the grill on, set out those side dishes, put the pie in the oven, and start feasting on your absolute favorite all-American dishes. Your Fourth of July cookout is not the time to pull out all the stops to try and wow your friends with intricate, extravagant dishes. The only extravagant thing about the food served at your party should be the size of the spread set out all over your table. Stick to the patriotic staples that everyone knows and loves: This holiday is definitely a day for the nostalgia-inducing classics.

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Start your party with crab cakes, deviled eggs, and huge soft pretzels, before moving on to the grilled classics served alongside slaw and corn, fried chicken with cornbread, and a hefty serving of macaroni and cheese. Make sure that you don’t get so caught up on planning everything that you’re going to put on the grill that you forget about dessert. If you’re not going to make red, white, and blue ice pops, go for a classic all-American pie and a batch of rich chocolate brownies: There is certainly a requirement for multiple desserts to be served to celebrate this patriotic, food-focused day.

Read on to see which of our 20 favorite classic American dishes we honestly couldn’t image celebrating the Fourth of July without.

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