15 Unique Hot Dogs From Around the World

America isn’t the only country that appreciates hot dogs
Rob Rosenthal on Hot Dogs

Photo Modified: Flickr / Geoff Peters / CC BY 4.0

"Steamies" are a Montreal specialty.

Hot dogs are the perfect canvas for creativity — although some hot dogs we may consider “creative” are perfectly standard in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, whether you eat a hot dog in New York or Lima, it will be special in its own right. Here are 15 unique hot dogs from around the world.

15 Unique Hot Dogs From Around the World (Slideshow)

To find these hot dogs, we dug through all our archived stories dedicated to hot dogs, from 10 Wacky Hot Dogs Around the World to 10 Unique Hot Dog Toppings from Around the World, and narrowed down the options to those we felt sounded unique and trueest to their locales. For example, while you can find bacon-wrapped hot dogs in many cities, you can only find bacon-wrapped hot dogs with the optional toppings of soy sauce-marinated mushrooms or Ruffles Con Queso in parts of Northern Mexico.

If you can’t travel to one of these faraway places anytime soon, don’t fret too much. You still have America’s 75 Best Hot Dogs to reckon with. Just be careful, as geographical identities of hot dogs in the United States can be confusing. For example, Michigan hot dogs are popular in upstate New York, while coney dogs (no relation to Coney Island) are popular in Michigan, and Texas hot dogs are prevalent in New York and Pennsylvania, but not Texas.

So celebrate your love of this summer staple by checking out these unique variations of hot dogs around the world. Hey, you might even get some fun ideas for your next backyard bash.

Additional reporting by Kristen Oliveri and Dan Myers

Boerie Rolls, South Africa

South African hot dogs are made with a sausage (boerewors) that is a combination of beef with either pork or lamb, but the flavor hardly stops there. The meat is infused with spices like nutmeg, cloves, and coriander seed, which give it a wintry taste that pairs well with its usual toppings of chutney, mustard, and tomato relish. Try them at Gourmet Boerie in Cape Town.

Choripán, Argentina

Photo Modified: Flickr / Bruno Ferrara / CC BY 4.0


Argentina's answer to the hot dog is the choripán, which is sliced in half lengthwise before being grilled and served on rustic bread. It's then absolutely covered with chimichurri. Read our guide to eating local in Buenos Aires to learn how to find the best of this iconic street food.