Get Grilling Season Started With These 20 Best Steak Recipes

Marinate your steak and throw it on the grill, for the simplest, but tastiest, summer party food
The Best Steak Recipes for Grilling

Brian Sheehan previews our list of some of the best steak recipes to make on your grill this season.

Serve your steak the Argentinian way, with spicy chimichurri.

This warm, shining sun can only mean one thing: It’s grilling season. Invite your friends over, turn on the grill, cover your table with plenty of iced drinks, put on your favorite summer playlist, and when the grill is smoking hot, it’s time to get that meat sizzling. We recommend that you celebrate the start of the season of endless weekend grill parties in the most decadent way, with some rich, tasty steak.

Get Grilling Season Started With These 20 Best Steak Recipes (Slideshow)

There’s no doubt that cooking steak on the grill is the best way to prepare it. Marinate it in your favorite flavors, grill it to the desired doneness, and serve it with some simple sides, in tacos, on a salad, or in a juicy sandwich: Steak is versatile, easy to prepare, and always delicious. What’s more, steak doesn’t always have to be expensive. Ask your butcher to walk you through the different options to make sure you’re getting the cut that gives you the most bang for your buck  it’s not necessary to fork out on filet mignon if you’re hosting a relaxed grilling party, and are feeding a crowd.

Steak is also a great choice for grilling as it’s hard to mess up. It won’t dry out like chicken does, it provides you with more serving options than burgers do, and doesn’t require hours of attention like those slow-cooked ribs. Marinating your steaks is always encouraged, but not totally necessary, and as long as you make sure you don’t abandon it while it’s spending its few minutes cooking on the grill, it’ll be done just as you like it. Serving it with salsas, sides, salads, and sauces is always recommended to make the meal even tastier, and will help that meat go a little bit further.

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These 20 recipes include something for everybody’s taste, whether you’re looking for a spicy, Argentinian-inspired recipe, a Mediterranean steak wrap, a fragrant Thai steak salad, or the ultimate classic steak recipe. Read on for the round-up of our favorite-ever grilled steak recipes, which will definitely include something that you will love.