Chocolate Cocktails: 10 Ways to Drink Away Your Sweet Tooth

Why just eat dessert when you can drink it instead?
Chocolate cocktails


There is such thing as the best of both worlds and it comes in the form of chocolate cocktails.

Sometimes, you want dessert. Sometimes, you want a cocktail. When you can’t decide, why not have the best of both worlds and enjoy a dessert-like cocktail that brings out your inner chocoholic?[related]

Chocolate Cocktails: 10 Ways to Drink Away Your Sweet Tooth (Slideshow)

The key to the perfect chocolate cocktail is balance. For example, you shouldn’t add extra sugar when creating a cocktail with a liqueur, which has a higher sugar content than liquor. Also, if you’re adding plain chocolate, make sure it’s good quality. We recommend using good baking chocolate so that the flavor is as rich as can be.

Brands like Van Gogh and Godiva have made the mixing easy for us by creating spirits that are already infused with chocolate. Made from the finest quality cocoa beans in the world, Van Gogh Chocolate Vodka is sweet enough to provide a chocolatey taste without being too sugary. This quality makes it the perfect accompaniment to vanilla vodka and butterscotch schnapps creating a cocktail that tastes pretty much like a vodka infused Milky Way. 

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Looking to cease your sweet tooth with more chocolate-focused cocktails? Read on for 10 sugary cocktails and prepare to drink your dessert.