The Most Patriotic Destination in Every State

The Most Patriotic Destination in Every State

The American destinations most likely to fill you with national pride

The Fourth of July is a time when many Americans not only take a break, but also reflect on the great pride they feel for their country. This holiday can be the perfect opportunity to combine a feeling of patriotism with a well-deserved day trip or long weekend. The United States is immense, and full of many incredible destinations and natural wonders that would fill anyone with a great sense of pride.

The Most Patriotic Destination in Every State Gallery

Some locations that make people think of America — say, the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, or the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta — are vivid symbols of our nation, but don’t actually hold patriotic significance. As we compiled this list, we looked for places that are historically significant and also make people feel patriotic themselves while visiting.

Because of this, not all the locations in this gallery are obvious. They might be underappreciated (but meaningful) locations that deserve a bit more attention. Then again, others are very popular, and can even be a bit cliché — which is perfectly fine, too!

As far as which location in each state is the most patriotic, that can get a bit tricky, because each state has numerous worthy entries. So hit the road and decide for yourself! Use this list as a solid starting point for a patriotic journey around this great land, and a travel guide to explore 50 of the most can’t-miss destinations across America.

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Matt Sulem contributed to this roundup.