24 Chicken Wing Recipes For Fall

The weather has turned a few degrees cooler, the leaves are starting to change, and watching football has become your Sunday routine. Fall is here, and that means it's time to refresh your chicken wing repertoire.

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Wings have long been a part of fall eating. When you're anxiously sitting through your home team's nail-biting game, they're the perfect hand-held food to bite into, and when gathering at your local watering hole with a bunch of friends to watch some football, what better food is there to eat with a group? They're the perfect fit for the spice-seeking, sweet-craving, finger licking-enthusiast crowd, and they're perfect whether prepared in the oven, on the grill, or in a big vat of boiling oil.

We're kicking wing season into full gear with 24 new recipes for them. As you'll see with this collection, the best part about wings is that each version is unique. Whether from a cookbook, a neighbor, or a professional chef, wing recipes are each their own creation. Already have a Buffalo wing recipe? You may want to fine-tune it, which is why we included not one recipe, but several, each with their own special characteristics. Not only do specific recipes vary, but techniques do, too. You may love a nice crunch to your wing but hate the idea of frying them — and that's OK, because broiling wings in the oven can help you achieve that texture, too.

Whether it's a specific flavor you're looking for, diet you're looking to adhere to, or mouthfeel you want after each bite, there's a whole world of wing possibilities out there. Break out the blue cheese dressing and have the wet naps within arm's reach, because here are 24 wing recipes to help you get started.