Highland Park

Park, Playground
North Highland Avenue & Bunkerhill Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


  • Highland Park statues were sculpted by Giuseppe Moretti in 1896. He also went on to sculpt Vulcan overlooking Birmingham, AL, which is the largest iron statue in the world; 7th largest statue in US.
  • The greatest walking neighborhood in the east.
  • The reservoir path is wonderful for a walk or run.
  • Bad ass hammock spot
  • Amazing trails, pool, and geese
  • Didn't expect such a beautiful place existed near home.
  • Every Halloween there is a parade for kids around the fountain before trick-or-treating starts.
  • Reservoir loop 0.76 mi and longer outer loop seems to be 1 mi. There's another street you can take to stretch it to 2 mi. Walk along a trail or the road. Big wooden playground near end of the loop.
  • Sled riding @ kings estate in the parks awesome!
  • I like the frog pond in the spring/summer
  • Check out the ducks in gne pond on the lower road. They like your leftover bread
  • Check out the entry fountain.
  • This is Highland Park, PA
  • I live in the neighborhood and this is a frequent destination for my walks. Plus my son LOVES the playground!

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