A Hearty Chili for a Hunter’s New Year

A Hearty Chili for a Hunter’s New Year


By Chad Pagano—Chef Instructor, School of Pastry & Baking Arts and Host of Heritage Radio’s Wild Game Domain


When most people are just starting to think about the holiday season, my favorite holiday has already long past: October 1st, opening day of the New York State Archery whitetail deer season. I spent the evening prior checking and rechecking my gear, looking at my tree stand locations on Google earth, checking the weather and making sure my bow is perfectly tuned and sighted in

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As I drove towards the state parkway, I tempered thoughts of actually harvesting a deer on that first day. The early season on Long Island is notoriously rough on hunters. Warm weather, crowded woods and deer still stuck in their summer feeding patterns all make for an unlikely opening day kill. Regardless, I could not wait to just sit in my tree stand for a couple of hours and simply enjoy nature.


Read on for Chef Chad's first deer sighting of the season and his delicious recipe for venison chili.