GP Solutions Gives Farmers, Restaurants and Grocery Stores a New Pathway to Production of "Super Foods"

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GrowPods offer total control of the environment for a new generation of clean foods that go beyond organic

GrowPods offer total control of the environment for a new generation of clean foods that go beyond organic

CORONA, Calif., Feb. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- GP Solutions (OTC:GWPD), a leading developer of automated micro-farms, announced a strategy to work with farmers, restauranteurs, and grocery stores, to help them grow a new generation of "Super Foods."

GP Solutions developed the revolutionary GrowPod, which provides a pesticide-free indoor growing environment in a modular, stackable, and scalable turn-key system.

The company's newest system is just 20' in length and perfect for any business that wants to offer consumers the highest quality, "luxury" produce.

GrowPods are unlike anything on the market. They utilize a combination of hydroponics and soil-based platforms that outperform other methods of cultivation. Sterilized soil that is free from animal by-products is used in combination with proprietary air and water filtration, along with automated environmental controls to produce a new level of "Super Foods."

"GrowPods are ideal for farmers and businesses that want to offer a higher quality, luxury food product," said George Natzic, President of GP Solutions. "With GrowPod's certified clean environment, food is grown to its fullest potential, resulting in produce that is contaminant-free, nutritious and delicious."

GrowPods are "plug-and-play" and scalable, so as demand rises, adding additional pods is easily accomplished.

For information on GP Solutions, visit: or call (855) 247-8054.


GP Solutions designs and builds "GrowPods" – innovative indoor micro farms. The stackable pods provide optimum conditions for plant cultivation in a chemical-free, contaminant-free environment. GrowPods provide total control over the environment that facilitates production of a new generation of "Super Foods" that go beyond organic.

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