Row 1

664 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 815-1127

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Foursquare Tips

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon brewed in GA since 1971, let's get this classic beer in here!! ASK FOR PBR!!
  • Try the Waffle Frys with Zmaple Oy because if you don't you'll be sad and there will be a whole in your heart.
  • Ask for the Maple Oy fries sauce on the side, it's too sweet
  • Try their unique take on shrimp & grits... on a stick http://www.savoryexposure.com/2011/09/hd1-by-richard-blais/
  • One order of waffle fries is probably good for two people, unless you're a pig.
  • Eastbound and down
  • The Whole Pig Poutine is a meal in and of itself - a must try
  • Prawn dogs, pastrami dogs, and pork-fennel sausage are all unusual and delicious. The only thing we'd recommend against are the deviled eggs.
  • The beef pastrami dog is my fave! http://www.savoryexposure.com/2011/09/hd1-by-richard-blais/
  • Social mixer soft serve changed my life!!
  • My girlfriend and I saw a number of things that looked good on the menu. Turns out the only good thing is the water with lemon...
  • Waited 50 minutes for hot dogs. Fucking hot dogs. Screw this place.
  • Chicken apple sausage dog, win. Fries were delish too, I could bathe in the maple-oy!!
  • And so HD1 remains a restaurant that puts care and creativity into its cooking, and yet never manages to hit the hot dog button quite right.
  • This place is da bomb
  • CIA Alumnus Richard Blais shares his unique cuisine at this far-from-ordinary hot dog stand! Check out this short video of Chef Blais:
  • This place is very expensive for the food you actually receive. The service is not good and there was an employee eating fries over the food line where the prepared food was going out to customers.
  • Though it's listed as a Concentric restaurant online, HD1 refused our gift card, which meant we had to pay $70+ cash for hot dogs, waffle fries and soda. O_o Won't happen again.
  • Try the lobster roll...as good as the one I had in New England...
  • Don't deny yourself the chili cheese fries!