Half Price Books

Bookstore, Used Bookstore
1011 Westheimer Rd (at Montrose Blvd)
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 520-1084


  • Drop everything and spend 4 hours perusing used books, from metaphysics to travel guides: nothing better to do than that. Except maybe buying all the books that catch your interest.
  • Come after 8 pm for less of a crowd.
  • Nice staff!
  • Excellent selection of recently popular books.
  • Project Manager Lindsay says,"I always go and end up coming home with exponentially more books than anticipated. This could range from travel, to language learning, to cooking. Anything."
  • To maximize your selling, never bring in all your merchandise to sell at one time...if you can, sell them a box per visit to maximize profit.
  • $1 DVD Movies Discount All the time I got 15 DVDs for $16.24 great way to support the community!
  • Not the greatest neighborhood but the store is great . Big selection very organized . Huge comic selection
  • Be prepared to dig!
  • Fabulous place to shop for paperbacks. Staff is great !
  • Makes me feel like I need a bath. Do you know where old books have been?
  • "Fiction" means "Not Real" and "Non Fiction" means "Real".
  • Great selection, good people, very helpful, great prices!
  • check out their record selection... wait, don't! you might buy something my boyfriend and i want!
  • Great place to get lost in... I just picked up "Grapes of Wrath" for $2.50!
  • Half Price Books is Heaven for any self-respecting bookworm. End of story.
  • An excellent location, and very friendly. They kindly held a book for me for three days, even during a big sale!
  • There is a large variety of books and a friendly staff to help find what you are searching for.
  • Always interesting selection of books here
  • So many books... Great fiction selection.

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