Grand Place / Grote Markt (Grote Markt)

Plaza, Pedestrian Street/Plaza
Grote Markt / Grand Place
Brussel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest 1000


  • Just go to the middle of the place and close your eyes. Magical
  • Without any doubt is the heart of the city and the most popular tourist destination in Brussels.A true architectural jewel People watch heaven Truly amazing at night Words are not enough...
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  • Le plus beau thtre du monde nous disait notre illustre patriote Jacques Brel en contant la beaut de la GrandPlace de Bruxelles
  • La meilleure Place de Belgique et du monde .. Oui, j'ose le dire !
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  • When it's sunny, feel free to sit down and have a beer. Police officers do more than tolerate it ;-)And oh, by the way, enjoy this most beautiful architectural masterpiece on Earth !
  • Has to be one of the most amazing squares in the world!
  • The " blanc rose" bottom left . Lovely brunch.
  • Aside from being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this central square is best seen at night, when its illuminated. Aside from the Town Hall, this place also has buildings that are over 300 years old!
  • In this one magnificent square you can find all the Belgian things you could ever want to try, frites, Belgian waffels, Belgian chocolate, and Belgian beer.
  • When you go there in the night you will see the difference. Lights are incredible in the nights:) It is a kind of paradise!
  • Praa espetacular, cheia de histria. muito agradvel estar na esplanada a contemplar a vista
  • This is the heart of Brussels and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Enjoy the view and feel welcome! :-)
  • the most beautiful square in the world!
  • La plus belle Grand Place du monde
  • The Grand Place has an almost magical ambience. Get yourself a Kwak at one of the bars with outdoor seating and just soak up the atmosphere!
  • One of the most beautiful squares in the world, surrounded by beautifully decorated baroque and gothic guildhouses, this UNESCO World Heritage site is the highest rated Belgian Foursquare venue!
  • The hub of the now infamous Zinneke Parade, the biennial event founded in 2000 to coincide with the city's status as Capital of Culture, shared with 8 other European cities.
  • Alors elle est pas belle la grand place de Brussels ???

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