GPO Cheese and Wine Room

Wine Bar, Restaurant
$ $
1 Martin Pl.
Sydney, NSW 2000


  • Lots of cheese and wine! And the venue is so cozy.
  • Great cheese fondue. Take your time to enjoy it.
  • Love this place, definitely order cheese fondu, great cheese options!
  • You really want the 4 cheese Mac & Cheese
  • Try the flights menu, otherwise go for fondue. Cheap parking in the car park too!
  • Think global, eat local. All ingredients from just down the road or a nearby paddock within a 160km radius. Come and enjoy a meal in Oct as part of the CSIFF 2011.
  • Talk food and eat it too! Demonstrations and discussions that give you the insider's view on the widest range of subjects; from cuts of meat to matching spices with wine, as part of the CSIFF 2011