The Glass House

Row 1

248 W 2nd St
Pomona, CA 91766

Foursquare Tips

  • Make sure you catch Anthony Green play here on 12/16!
  • Drag some friends down here and come to dance your ass off! +5 points for coming to a punk show!
  • If you wanna get rly close to yr fave band, skip the LA show & see 'em herecuz this venue feels so raw & real. It's all ages, so no drinks, but you can grab a beer & BBQ ribs @ Joey's across street.
  • i work here, jaja
  • Hasn't been there in 10 years, so it was great seeing all the new changes! They now have 2 full bars and as long as you have your wristband, you can go in and out!
  • Bathrooms are upstairs, the bar is next door. There are ins and outs. Have fun, play nice. :)
  • Weird people.
  • Super fun . No barrier for this show!
  • Since they don't sell booze, check out The Gallery (beer/wine bar) around the corner. Bar next door is overpriced and the Gallery has gourmet cupcakes and $3 beers!!
  • Cool place. Nice Bartenders.
  • They serve booze here. Don't forget your license or money!
  • They have a bar now! Yay!
  • We now sell alcohol. Have fun and be nice!
  • The lights here fucking suck ass. Overkill. Can't see shit.
  • wanna get up close and personal with your favorite band? You've come to the right place.
  • No liquor license if you hand your ID to security & they ignore you
  • They have the beat bathroom
  • I depise you. :)
  • Closed on sundays
  • Go to Glass House and watch Sage Francis on 6/9/10