Gateway Arch Observation Deck

Row 1

Top of the Gateway Arch (Jefferson National Expansion Memorial)
St Louis, MO 63102

Foursquare Tips

  • There are no bathrooms @ the top......and no basement @ the Alamo!
  • Swaying in the Breeze 630 feet up.
  • Don't waste time trying to get a picture of yourself or your party in the pod; there's a replica elevator pod in the lobby near the ticket counter.
  • Lol at everyone posting what they think are unique pics of the....ground, river and city from above. Keep posting!
  • Fun as hell! But those travel pods are scary as shit!
  • The windows inside the top of the arch are so tiny, you'll need to fight for a spot to look outside.
  • The elevator pods that take you to the top are very cramped. Hopefully the 4 other people you're with are friendly!
  • Grab your tickets early and be prepared to stand in a long line and go through airport style security
  • Amazing to see. Even on a cloudy day.
  • Go early to beat the crowd.
  • On top, there is no bath and any convenience stuff. So you must prepare.
  • The views are pretty cool from up there!!!
  • Come in spring
  • Enjoy the view! You're standing inside a piece of history!
  • I dont feel safe in those pods...
  • Yeah elevators are tiny egg shaped pods that can be very cramped. I was there on a Sunday evening with no lines and got a lift to myself, very cozy!
  • The view itself is nothing special, but the space capsule you'll get upstair in is an experience of its own kind. Claustrophobic, however.
  • The view is great. The ride is not for those who don't like small confined spaces.
  • I did not know you could get up there! And the view is fantastic! Love that you can see the feet of the arch right below you. Vertigo!
  • Yukarda ok gzel panoramik grntler alabilirsiniz