fRedhots & fries

Hot Dogs
1707 Chestnut Ave (Waukegan)
Glenview, IL 60025
(847) 657-9200



  • Pick out a couple flavored aioli sauces for the frites(fries)
  • Great daily specials featuring epicurean pairings of unusual "encased meats" (aligator, reindeer, bison, etc.) w/ creative condiments. All the standard fare too, w/ Belgian-style "frittes" & sauces.
  • Can't believe they closed down!
  • Closed!! So sad.
  • I think this place has officially closed down.
  • Reindeer hotdog is back for the holidays!
  • Try the cuban style pressed burger! My fav! Don't forget the Frites with garlic dipping sauce!!!
  • One of my fave fives in chicagoland
  • My daughter says "best burgers and fries, ever!"