Ford Field

Row 1

Foursquare Tips

  • Ford Field has fantastic sight lines throughout because the design does not have the normal club & suite levels, lowering the upper level. Better views of Stafford-to-MEGATRON bombs for all!
  • This contemporary stadium has been home to the Detroit Lions since it opened in 2002. In 2006, the indoor stadium became one of the few venues in a cold-weather city to host a Super Bowl.
  • Have you been to the Gateway Deli? The best hidden secret at Ford Field! Great food, awesome drinks & rarely a line.
  • Did you know one of the walls of Ford Field is from the old Hudson's warehouse?
  • Ford Field is one of the few stadiums in the NFL that has endzones in the east and west (along with Arrowhead Stadium, Cowboys Stadium, Sun Life Stadium, the Georgia Dome, & Cleveland Browns Stadium).
  • Sign up as a designated driver at any customer service booth, get a free small pop. Saving $4 is worth the 30 seconds it takes to fill out the form.
  • Spill beer on whoever is in front of you and if they look back punch them in the mouth... Silverdome style!
  • For the best parking, try the Detroit Opera House garage. Brand new and 24 hour physical security.
  • Did you know the stadium's first major concert was a performance by The Rolling Stones in 2002?
  • Expensive food and beverages. $5/20 Oz bottle of pop/soda, $9.00 personal size pizza, $8.50 bottomless popcorn, $7.50 bottomless pop/soda, $6.50 pretzel twist, $6.50 hot dog, etc etc etc
  • Forward down the field!
  • Take in a Lion's game.
  • Streak across the field without getting tackled by security
  • Ford field is cool
  • Gateway Deli is the best place to eat here. Get the corn beef sandwich. Wow it was amazing tasting.
  • Tailgating tip. Free parking on the west side of Brush, a few blocks north of the stadium.
  • Great stadium... glad to see that the Lions are finally making it a great experience for all to watch!
  • Parked free, got in free, what more can you ask..
  • Go Detroit Lions
  • So much fun at the Lions vs Eagles game last Sunday! Great stadium & fantastic seats. Highly recommend going to a game!