Food Tank’s Top 10 Interviews of 2014

Food Tank’s Top 10 Interviews of 2014

2014 was an amazing year for Food Tank Interviews. Below is a selection of ten of the best interviews about food from the past year:

Anuradha Mittal – The Oakland Institute

Anuradha Mittal is the Executive Director of the independent policy think tank the Oakland Institute. In this December interview we discussed corporate land grabs in the global south, why replacing smallholder farmers with large plantations is unsustainable, and the Oakland Institute’s Our Land, Our Business campaign against the World Bank.

Hal Hamilton – Sustainable Food Laboratory

Hal Hamilton of the Sustainable Food Laboratory talked with us in August about his organization’s work helping companies and farms measure and improve their sustainability. He outlined how the Sustainable Food Laboratory helps nonprofits learn to integrate corporate partnerships and how sustainability can be incorporated across different sectors of an organization.

Mark Holderness – Global Forum on Agricultural Research

In August, Food Tank interviewed Dr. Mark Holderness, a food scientist and Executive Secretary of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research. Holderness discussed the challenges of helping people in all areas of the world to think outside the box, and integrating rural farmers, women, and youth into global conversations about agriculture.

David Cuming – Smallholders’ Access to Markets for Certified Sustainable Products (SAMCERT)

David Cuming spoke with us in July about the work of SAMCERT to provide access to Fair-Trade and Organic certifications to smallholder producers throughout the world.

Dr. Sylvia Earle – “Mission Blue”

Our interview with oceanographer and explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle discussed her work on the documentary Mission Blue, which she hopes will inspire people to understand why the oceans matter, and to fight the ignorance and complacency that is threatening our oceans.

Tama Matsuoka WongForaged Flavor

Tama Matsuoka Wong is a professional forager who has teamed up with New York City chef Eddie Leroux to write Foraged Flavor, a field guide and cookbook of foraged foods. Our July discussion with her touched on land management, invasive “weeds,” and the benefits of foraging.

Adam Aronovitz and Alissa Bilfield – The Cookbook Project

In October we sat down with Adam Aronovitz and Alissa Bilfield to discuss the Cookbook Project, their initiative to encourage literacy and food education in low-income communities in order to address the root causes of chronic disease and environmental issues.

Patrick Holden – Sustainable Food Trust

Patrick Holden is the founder and Chief Executive of the Sustainable Food Trust, an international organization with a mission to accelerate the transformation towards more sustainable food systems. During our interview, Holden discussed the benefits of True Cost Accounting and the successes his organization has had in programs throughout the world.

Lena Kwak – Cup4Cup

Lena Kwak spoke with Food Tank in November about her inspiration for Cup4Cup, a gluten-free flour line that she founded. Kwak also discussed the importance of education in the battle against hunger, and her advice for young women trying to make their mark in the food and drink industry.

Dr. Lisa Kitinoja – The Postharvest Education Foundation

Dr. Lisa Kitinoja’s Postharvest Education Foundation provides education and resources to reduce postharvest losses across the globe. Kitinoja spoke with us about her inspiration to create the foundation, the plight of lack of storage for farmers, and how her program’s online education has inspired others pass on education about postharvest waste.