Flatbush Junction

Plaza, Road, Neighborhood
Brooklyn, NY 11210


  • Taking Dollar vans (which currently $ 2 ) is the fastest way to go about. Not the safest, but definitely effective and fast!
  • Ass watching paradise
  • It wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for the cabs parked on nostrand and glenwood
  • Please dont let gentrification reach junction... its all we have left... they have taken harlem and bedstuy.. they are creeping into crown heights... leave juntion alone!
  • Booty booty booty rocking everywhere
  • This is one chaotic spot.
  • There is a great Home Goods store next to Target. Also, there's a hispanic guy that sells awesome mangos in front of Target.
  • Dont you miss the big ass clock that told you the time and the weather even tho it was wrong about the time for half of the year because it was never turned back for daylights savings?? Dontcha??
  • Too much construction going on! Avoid flatbush!!!
  • Oh wow the hood is about to get a Dallas BBQs! Gentrification?
  • Amazing Spanish food at Ovi's Place!
  • Slow ass buses
  • Dallas BBq is pretty good as well as Golden Crust and Applebee if you're looking food. There are tons of other restaurants to choose from. It's a convenient spot to shop for almost anything really.
  • 7/11. Best coffee. Open 24 hrs
  • Worst place up buy a beef patty, yet its in the heart of the Caribbean community.
  • The intersection of Flatbushs Caribbean massive , Italians, Russians and Jews .
  • Waiting for the 103 bus in the cold stinks!
  • They got every Store on the Junction
  • Want to test the rocket launcher?
  • You will not enjoy the smell.

Nearby places

1598 Flatbush Ave (at Avenue H)
2201 Nostrand Ave (at Avenue H)
2201 Nostrand Ave (at Avenue H)