Five Fabulous Italian White Wines That Aren't Pinot Grigio!

From by Wanda Mann
Five Fabulous Italian White Wines That Aren't Pinot Grigio!

Is Pinot Grigio your go-to Italian white wine? Well, the time has come to shake things up and explore some other varietals! Italy has a seemingly endless selection of expressive and refreshing white wines. Get out of your Pinot Grigio rut and give one of these five beauties a swirl. 

Bertani Sereole Soave
Bertani "Sereole" Soave DOC ($15.99)
Ah, Soave! I love the sound of it and the taste even more! Produced from the Garganega grape, this luscious sip from the Veneto region is bursting with aroma, flavor, and texture. Elegant yet unpretentious, this vino's juicy flavors of pineapple and melon are balanced by refreshing crispness and acidity. 

Puiatti "Lus" Ribolla Gialla ($22.99)
Puiatti is renowned for their superb un-oaked white wines that elegantly express the terroir of the Friuli region in northeast Italy. Lus means light and this expression of the indigenous Ribolla Gialla grape shimmers in the glass and sparks the palate with fresh flavors of chamomile, zesty acidity, and a hint of herbs.  

Velenosi Villa Angela Offida Pecorino

Velenosi "Villa Angela" Pecorino Offida DOCG ($15)
This elegant sip from the Marche region shares the same name as Italy's famous Pecorino cheese but there's nothing cheesy about this vino. A lovely expression of the Pecorino grape, Villa Angela delights the palate with balanced fruit, floral, tropical, and mineral flavors.  

La Mora Vermentino Cecchi

Cecchi "La Mora" Vermentino DOC 2014 ($19.99)
Sip the Tuscan sun with this joyful Vermentino from the coastal Maremma region. You can taste the coastal influences in its subtle hint of salinity and crunchy minerality that accentuate the exuberant flavors of citrus, chamomile, honeysuckle and nectarine with a bit of white pepper on the finish. 

Adarmando Tabarrini

Tabarrini Adarmando ($19)
The Trebbiano Spoletino grape gets the spotlight in this superb sip from the hills of Sagrantino in Umbria. Medium-bodied and juicy with exuberant flavors of peach and a touch of citrus. Tastes like summer!  

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