eVent Cinemas

Cineplex, Movie Theater
159-175 Church St. (In Westfield Parramatta (Level 4))
Parramatta, NSW 2150
+61 2 9407 2777


  • Event Cinemas Parramatta has three Gold Class, one Vmax cinema and seven regular cinemas with 35mm and 3D compatible projectors. Featuring Dolby Digital sound, Event Cinemas Parramatta is the perfect
  • If you don't want to pay for parking. Watch a movie session after 6pm and make sure you enter the carpark after 6.
  • The Westfield carpark is privately owned and the owner has decided not to allow extended parking, so it's not exactly the cinema's fault...
  • Indian movies need to be screened to finish not so late we need to be able to catch public transport once screening is done usually you have to drive in usually indian movies go for three hours
  • Make sure you sit in your allotted seats so as to avoid fights with people whose seats you're sitting in.
  • No point in Booking online to "skip the queue" because their express lane is barely used. Save yourself the extra dollar in booking fee and credit card surcharge.
  • The cinema doesn't extend parking tickets! Lame!
  • Try Gold Class for some super comfy chairs and awesome food/drink choices.
  • Be prepared to fight for your seat. Many people just try to sit anywhere thaye like or don't have tickets at all.
  • Comfy chairs
  • The VMAX theatre(s?) is terrible! Horrible echoing in a cinema with poor acoustic treatment. Stick with standard tickets and see VMAX elsewhere until they fix it.
  • 3D quality (wolverine) is better than IMax darling harbour (man of steel) :)
  • Absolutely abysmal service.
  • Its nice here. But why are there so many moths in cinema 3?? >.<
  • Good movies
  • Gold class went alright watched final destination 5 went alright FIRST TIMER goin gold class
  • The sound in cinema eight is horrifyingly, ear-shatteringly loud. Avoid!
  • Unless you don't know the difference it doesn't always have good quality picture and sound.
  • Great coffee.

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159-175 Church St