epoch coffee

Epoch Coffee

Coffee Shop
221 W North Loop Blvd (At Chesterfield Ave.)
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 454-3762

Epoch Coffee has good coffee, a good atmosphere, and reliable Wi Fi. What more could you want in a coffee shop? The milkier drinks, like lattes, are particulary great. It's open 24 hours and offers board games, as well as quiet spaces to do some work.



  • Is it just me, or when I went there me, that thought the unlabeled-door-in-the-back-is-actually-bathroom thing was confusing
  • I once stayed here for 48 hours straight staring at one woman the entire time.
  • Show up before 6pm or after 2:30am... otherwise packed laptop farming.
  • Mexican hot chocolate!!!
  • My first time here. I saw everyone recommended the "Iced Mojo" It's my new favorite! #IcedMojo #EpochCoffee
  • Excellent place to play "spot the hipster."
  • A place for those all out study sessions
  • Although the music can get pretty loud if you're trying to study, the Iced Mojo and Chai Shake might give you the kick you need to ace that exam.
  • If you need to concentrate bring ear plugs
  • Extra points for understanding all the references in the bathroom graffiti.
  • Mexican hot chocolate when it's cold, iced tea when it's hot :) Stick around for about 15 minutes and a table will open up - use your eagle eyes to spot those who are wrapping up.
  • texas gold iced tea for sure
  • Try the Iced Mojo. Trust us. More info: http://bit.ly/L9NDMg
  • Talk to the baristas. Most of them have great stories and personalities. Some are artists and others run grocery stores.
  • Go to epoch, try and order something better than the iced mojo. fail. you still have an iced mojo :)
  • Such a fun spot to work at, their wifi is on point and the Brazilian dark roast dank.
  • I think there should be one of these in every city. Yes, the iced Mojo is great and I recommend it. A great place to hang out, even at 0200.
  • Double soy latte. So perfect.
  • Open 24 hours and carries Quack's baked goods! Very limited seating, so you often have to sit with a stranger. People sitting inside are here to study.
  • Try their iced coffee w/ a splash of half & half.

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