Rebecca Fondren Photo/Shutterstock

Win Game Day With These 21 Irresistible Dips

When I dip, you dip, we dip
Rebecca Fondren Photo/Shutterstock

Super Bowl Sunday, or any game day for that matter, is all about one thing: food. Honestly, we can take or leave all of that sports stuff, but when it comes to chicken wings, burgers, potato skins and fried food, we are all in. But one game day food category reigns supreme: dip.

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Think about it: You can just pass by the kitchen, dip a cracker into a delicious bowl full of hummus, Buffalo chicken dip or onion dip, and bam!, you have a satisfying, salty bite.


So be prepared to be the king of game day and win over your friends with these 21 irresistible dips.