Fortnite-themed Halloween costumes

Anthony Marcusa

Fortnite has taken the world by storm, and our market research is telling us it's going to be a huge theme this Halloween.

With Halloween fast approaching, it's time to secure a costume for you and yours if you haven't done so already. 

With Fortnite being one of the most popular, colorful, and engaging games around for kids and teens, it's no surprise that the playable skins are sought-after costumes. They're unique, sometimes outrageous, and cater to a wide range of personalities and styles. If your kid loves Fortnight, they'll be all-in on these costumes.

Pro tip: Because Halloween night falls on a Thursday this year, there's likely a week's worth of events and parties to partake in before a night of Trick-or-treating, so it doesn't hurt to have a second costume.

Bonus pro tip: As you shop, pay little mind to the boys' or girls' designations -- most of these costumes are suitable for anyone. 

1. Omega: To look cool this Halloween playing the villain, this Omega costume is the way to go. While the outfit is made from polyester to be light and comfortable, it tracks as Omega's signature carbon fiber armor, making sure your child's presence is felt wherever you go. Buy for $39.99 from Spirit Halloween

2. Black Knight: For the hardcore fans who want to show off their dedication, a Black Knight costume is a worthy choice. One of the earliest skins available, it's particularly rare, since at the time Fortnite was only slowly growing in popularity. This elaborate costume features a helmet, pouch, belt, mask, jumpsuit, skin guards, and bandana. Buy for $45.89 from Amazon

3. Merry Marauder: Show off your grumpy, yuletide spirit on Halloween with a Merry Marauder costume. Another rare skin from early on in the game, this would go well with its in-game counterpart, Ginger Gunner, to make for a fun duo costume. And particularly enthusiastic kids can reuse this costume come Christmastime. Buy for $49.99 from Amazon

4. Inflatable Giddy Up: For something a little different (but certainly tons of fun), check out this Inflatable Giddy Up costume. While your child's new llama friend may be a little cumbersome, it's lightweight and endlessly entertaining -- especially when they supply their own glitter to create an authentic effect. Buy for $49.99 from Amazon

5. Plush Rex: This one is pretty straightforward and the go-to costume for any crossover Fortnite and dinosaur lovers. It doesn't come with a green backpack, but that can make for a fun DIY project and also double as an easy-to-carry candy bag. Buy for $34.99 from Amazon

6. Plush Dark Voyager: For a futuristic look, check out the Dark Voyager skin. As part of the space explorers set, Dark Voyager features a black outfit with reflective orange (which works well for Halloween and being seen in the dark). While this option comes with a hood that has a blackout visor for the helmet effect, your child can likely have some fun at home crafting your own makeshift helmet. Buy for $34.99 from Amazon

7. Skull Trooper: Perhaps the most appropriate Halloween costume, Skull Trooper serves some double duty for both Fortnite fans and those looking to wear something scary.  Released during Halloween 2017, Skull Trooper got a female companion a year later in Skull Ranger, which would make for a solid duo costume as well. Buy for $49.99 from Amazon

8. Zoey: One of the more colorful outfits available in Fortnite, Zoey was inspired by the animated film Wreck-It Ralph. Green hair and a pink tunic will keep your kid standing out all night. Buy for $34.99 from Amazon

9. DJ Yonder: Inspired by the famous, mysterious DJs of our time, DJ Yonder is an epic skin that makes for an epic costume. The iconic rainbow jacket is eye-catching, and the llama mask is unforgettable and just a little bit unnerving. Pairs well thematically with Giddy-Up. Buy for $69.99 from Spirit Halloween

10. Brite Bomber: Another colorful and popular skin in the game, Brite Bomber is a terrific Halloween costume to show off cool style and a bubbly attitude. Make a few alterations to this and your child can be a part of the Sunshine and Rainbows group: grab a skateboard to be the rare skin Beach Bomber or a purple vest to become Brite Blaster. Buy for $49.99 from Spirit Halloween


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