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Jennifer Blair

For a traditional raclette meal, melt Swiss cheese on the lower level of your grill to serve with your main course.

Want to add a little more fun to your next dinner party? A raclette grill allows your guests to be involved in the cooking process, so everyone is more entertained at the dinner table. That's because the grills are designed for multiple people to cook on them at once and provide significant cooking space for grilling meat, fish, vegetables, and other foods. They also have two tiers, which provide a secondary cooking area for melting cheese or warming sauces. The raclette grill may be a traditional Swiss cooking tool, but you can use it to make a wide range of recipes that guests will love.

Check out our buying guide for all the tips you need to find the best raclette grill for your next dinner party. We also offer a few specific product recommendations, including our top choice, the Artestia Electric Raclette Grill with Two Full-Size Top Plates, which offers three cooking surfaces and eight raclette pans to allow you to cook for plenty of guests.

Considerations when choosing raclette grills


When you're choosing a raclette grill, you have a few different types to choose from:

Basic raclette grills are usually compact, so they work well in a smaller kitchen. They typically have a nonstick cooking surface and are an ideal option if you're new to raclette grilling or regularly cook for smaller groups.

Tabletop raclette grills are ideal for parties or larger groups because they have a larger cooking surface. Their heating elements are typically more powerful, and their cooking surfaces are made of high-quality materials.

Premium raclette grills offer a wide range of unique features along with their extra-large cooking surfaces. They often include fondue attachments, deeper raclette pans, and other accessories.


While raclette grills all handle enough for food for more than one person, there's some variation in terms of cooking-surface size. If you usually cook for two to four people, a small grill can work well. For groups as large as 12 people, though, you'll want a large grill, which often features partitions across the cooking surface to allow you to cook multiple foods at once. A large raclette grill uses more space, so it works best if you have a large kitchen or entertaining area.


Heating element wattage

A raclette grill's heating element is measured in watts. In most cases, grills that can accommodate more people offer a higher-wattage heating element. If you want a raclette grill for eight or more people, choose an option with at least 1,000 to 1,500 watts.

Temperature control

Some raclette grills feature variable temperature controls, which allow you to choose precise temperatures. That gives you much more control of how hot your grill becomes, so you can use it to prepare a wider range of foods.

Cooking surface material

The material that a raclette grill's cooking surface is made of determines how easy it is to clean and what foods you can prepare on it. A nonstick grilling surface is the easiest option to clean after grilling and is typically made of ceramic or Teflon. You'll pay more for a granite grilling surface, but it usually heats more evenly. They don't become as hot as ceramic or Teflon raclette grills, though.

Reversible grill top

Some raclette grills feature a reversible grill top for greater versatility. One side of the grill is usually flat for use as a griddle, while the other side provides a ridged surface for grilling.


Raclette grills often come with accessories, like pans for the lower cooking tier that are ideal for melting cheese or heating sauces. A grill may also include spatulas for turning food on the cooking surface.


Raclette grills usually range from $20 to more than $150. Small grills that are suitable for two to four people typically cost between $20 and $50. Standard or tabletop grills that can feed as many as eight people generally range from $50 to $150. Large advanced grills that can accommodate as many as 12 usually go for more than $150.


Q. How do you serve cheese that's melted on a raclette grill?

A. Traditionally, the cheese is spread over bread or boiled potatoes. At home, you can serve the cheese with meat or veggies that you've prepared on the grill.

Q. What safety precautions should I take with a raclette grill?

A. Be sure that children don't come too close to the grill because the cooking surface becomes hot. Use heat-resistant spatulas and tools when you're handling foods on the cooktop surface. Unplug the grill when you're done using it, and allow it to cool completely before cleaning it.

Raclette grills we recommend

Best of the best: Artestia's Electric Raclette Grill with Two Full-Size Top Plates

Our take: A versatile raclette that offers excellent performance with its three cooking surfaces.

What we like: Features a reversible grill plate with a ridged grill section and flat griddle section. Also has a granite grill stone. Becomes as hot as 375ºF, and offers adjustable temperature controls. Includes eight raclette pans that have heat-resistant handles.

What we dislike: Because of its many cooking surfaces, cleaning can take some time.

Best bang for your buck: Milliard's Eight-Person Raclette Grill

Our take:  A portable raclette grill that can still prepare enough food for as many as eight people.

What we like: Nonstick top is reversible with griddle and grill sides. Its granite stone heats slowly, so you can acquire a good sear on meats. Includes eight wooden spatulas for guests to serve themselves. Grill top and pans can be washed in the dishwasher.

What we dislike: Some users find it heats too slowly.

Choice 3: Salton's Eight-Person Raclette Grill

Our take: User-friendly temperature controls make this grill easy for even beginners to use.

What we like: Comes with eight nonstick raclette pans. Nonstick grill plate is easy to clean. Ideal for preparing meats, fish, and veggies on top, and melting cheese and cooking desserts below. Raised edges on grill top prevent spills.

What we dislike: There are some reports of the nonstick coating flaking off.

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