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Adam Reeder

Avoid night lights that contain methylene chloride. It’s a toxic substance that you or your loved ones can be exposed to if the light breaks.

Children are as terrified of the dark as adults are of a severely stubbed toe. Thankfully, we have night lights to save us. A good night light will lead you safely in the darkness of the night without being overly bright. With so many night lights available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your home. Our buying guide will help you make the right choice. You can even read reviews of some of our favorites at the end of this article, including our top pick, the Himalayan Glow Natural Salt Night Light, which will brighten your spirit as much as it brightens your room.

Considerations when choosing night lights


Plug-in night lights are the most traditional style available. These have been in stores for decades and remain a popular standard. You need to have an unobstructed working outlet to use these night lights. Some have the added benefit of a light sensor that turns the light on and off depending on how well lit the rest of the room is.

Soft lights are cute stuffed animals with a built-in light that glows from within. These are great for small children who want some comfort at bedtime.

Projection night lights project an image onto the wall or ceiling, keeping your child interested and feeling secure. Some shine a detailed image, while others just create a silhouette. These can sometimes be distracting for smaller kids, so keep that in mind when choosing.

Portable models are either rechargeable or run off of standard batteries. They are useful for going on family trips or camping. These can be just as handy for adults as they are for kids.


Whether you want to shine an easy-to-follow path out of the room or provide comfort to a little one sleeping alone, the brightness of your night light is an important consideration. Consider how bright or dim you'd like your night light to be before purchasing.

Light color

You may not realize it, but the color of the light in your room can have a big impact on your sleep. Studies show that blue and white lighting can lead to restlessness. The best night light color for a good night's rest is a warm tone, such as red, orange, or yellow.



A few night light models come with an attached lampshade. Not only is this a nice decorative touch, but it helps to diffuse the light, making it less harsh. While some night light lampshades can be removed, others are permanently affixed.

No-heat bulbs

Some night lights (often LEDs) are cool to the touch. This is a convenient feature for toddler's rooms, where you may not be there to monitor them at all times. If you want to get a no-heat bulb, make sure to check the manufacturer's specs.

Motion and light sensors

Night lights that have motion or light sensors help to conserve energy. Motion sensors signal to the night light to turn on when someone comes into the room. Light sensors read the ambient light level and turn on or off accordingly.


Most night lights cost between $5 and $25, though some premium models can cost as much as $40. Night lights on the lower end are basic and functional, with few, if any, extra features. For $15, you can find a night light that might have motion activation or projection lights. Higher-priced night lights usually offer a warm-toned light and many have attached lampshades.


Q. Is it safe to leave a night light on the entire night?

A. It should be safe to leave your night light on all night, as long as it isn't too close to curtains or other fire hazards. LED lights are less prone to fire, so they may be the option that gives you the most peace of mind.

Q. Are there differences between kids' night lights and those for adults?

A. The only major differences are aesthetic. Kids' night lights tend to be more whimsical and playful than those designed for adults.

Night lights we recommend

Best of the best: Himalayan Glow Natural Salt Night Light

Our take: A fun and interesting twist on the traditional night light.

What we like: The Himalayan salt crystals are meant to purify the environment by using negatively charged ions.

What we dislike: If the the unit gets too hot, some complain that the salt drips.

Best bang for your buck: Sycees LED Night Light

Our take: This model's bright lights make everything look better.

What we like: This night light dims as the sun comes up, and does the reverse at sunset.

What we dislike: The only way to turn it off is by unplugging it.

Choice 3: GE CoverLite Tree of Life LED Night Light

Our take: A more aesthetically interesting night light at a decent price.

What we like: The tree design is artistic, stylish, and unexpected. Light sensor switch means you never need to turn it on or off.

What we dislike: No off switch, like some other models.

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