20 Super Bowl Party Essentials Gallery

If you're like most people, chances are the first party you're throwing in the new year is a Super Bowl watch party. After Dry January and failed New Year's resolutions, when Super Bowl Sunday rolls around, people are ready to drink, indulge in game day food, and watch some football (maybe).

But perhaps you're a little rusty on your hosting duties after the madness of the holiday season. Or maybe you've never thrown a party before in your entire life and the Super Bowl is your first rodeo. If that's you, there's no need to sweat it. A Super Bowl watch party is the easiest event to pull off. All you need is some friends, some delicious bad-for-you food, beer, and a TV set.

OK, maybe it's not quite that simple, but it is easy. And if you're still worried, there's no need to worry any longer. We've broken down the 20 Super Bowl party essentials you need for your event this year.


Perhaps it should go without saying, but before you stock up on drinks and chicken wings, you might want to invite a few people over. Text your friends, send out an email blast, or make a Facebook party invite. Keep it casual, but make sure you have butts on your couch for the big game.

Tableware and Flatware

It may seem obvious, but make sure you have enough plates, serving dishes and spoons, forks, knives, glasses, and napkins before your party starts. To keep things simple, we recommend stocking up on paper plates and plastic cutlery to make sure there is more than enough for everyone. You don't want to run out of napkins while people are chowing down on barbecue ribs and chicken wings!

Ample Seating

Don't invite eight people over to your home if you only have a loveseat and a beanbag chair. (Also, if this is you, get your life together.) Make sure you have enough space for all of your guests and ample, comfortable seating and TV viewing spots. You don't need to have a huge house to be a host, it is possible to throw a party in a tiny city apartment; just make sure you can be accommodating.

Steam Tables, Coolers, and Slow Cookers

Food is the most important part of any Super Bowl party; you want to make sure it's kept at the appropriate temperatures. Invest in some steam tables and food warmers for the big game and borrow a few slow cookers for your dips and chili. Don't forget the massive coolers for your beer, soda, and bottles of water; you don't want people opening your fridge every 10 minutes.

A Working Television

You know what would be truly tragic? You put together a great Super Bowl party, a massive feast, have a dozen people over, and your TV is fuzzy, you forgot to pay the cable bill, or your antenna is broken. Make sure your TV is in proper working condition and you have a way to watch the game way before Super Bowl Sunday.

A Clean, Prepped Home

You don't want to be cheering on your favorite team and marveling at the halftime show while staring at dust bunnies and smelling something funky coming from the kitchen. Be sure to give your home a deep clean before people come over. Plus, since people tend to overindulge during the Super Bowl, have some guest rooms, clean blankets, and fresh towels available. You never know who may need a place to crash at the last minute!

Chips and Dips

No Super Bowl party is complete without dips; that's just a fact. Buffalo chicken dip, salsa, spinach and artichoke dip, and queso are all must-haves recipes for game day.


Yes, we know. Guacamole is technically a dip. But we believe this avocado dish is in a league of its own. Experiment with your guac this Super Bowl Sunday with these 50 variations on this Mexican classic.

Pigs in a Blanket

It's such a simple party appetizer, but such a crowd pleaser. This rolled up hot dog recipe is so easy to follow, even your kids can do it!


Whether you go for a popcorn party mix, a spicy sriracha popcorn, or a simple garlic Parmesan popcorn, this go-to snack is a must-have for any watch party.

Potato Skins

What's not to like about potato skins? They're savory, salty, cheesy, creamy, and crunchy. Whether you go for a classic Cheddar and bacon potato skin or kick it up a notch with chorizo or Brie and prosciutto, this dish is sure to please.


It's winter. All you want is some comfort food, and the best comfort food is some sweet and savory slow-cooker chili. Thankfully, this winter soup is perfect game day food!


Everyone loves nachos, and they're the ultimate game day snack (that's super easy to make at home). You can always think outside the box and make tater tot nachos — we think it's the superior snack, anyway.


Everyone likes pizza. That's just a fact. You can be fancy and make the pizza yourself or just order it from one of America's favorite chains to save time. Just be sure to put your order in ahead of time. Pizza places are notoriously slammed on Super Bowl Sunday.

Pulled Pork

Sandwiches are a great dish to prepare for a Super Bowl party. Our go-to is this apple butter barbecue pulled pork sandwich, which is cooked low and slow in the oven all day. To save time and space in your oven, you can easily make this the day before your party and heat it up before the bash begins.


If pulled pork isn't enough barbecue deliciousness for you, make some perfect barbecued ribs. Whether you like your barbecue tangy, spicy, mustardy, or smoky, it's all good in our book.


If your guests don't want to commit to an entire entrée, be sure to give them the option of a slider. Whether you make blue cheese burgers, tofu and Parmesan sliders, or little bánh mì sandwiches, these playful little bites will be a crowd pleaser.


You need something sweet after loading up on all that meat and cheese. Our go-to Super Bowl dessert is the iconic brownie. And, please, ignore the box mix. These recipes are better than that nonsense, anyway.


Sure, you could serve wine and liquor at your Super Bowl party, but there's only one thing people actually want to drink on this very special Sunday: beer, and lots of it. Whether you decide to serve up locally-sourced craft beers or a ton of Bud Light, don't forget the brewskis.


Not everyone wants to drink beer, especially on a work night. Be sure to stock up on non-alcoholic beverages like soda, juice, and bottled water for the non-drinkers.

Now that you know what you need for a Super Bowl party, you need to know how to act. Here's 10 tips for being the best Super Bowl party host ever.