tater tot

Tater Tots Make Better Nachos Than Tortilla Chips

You’re doing the ultimate bar food a great disservice by using tortilla chips as a base
tater tot

Embrace the totcho.

If there’s one food that is always appropriate for a casual party, it has to be the nacho. Easily customizable and easily prepared for a large group, you’ll be hard pressed to find a host or guest who can resist the deliciousness of a nacho. It’s pretty much the perfect food, right?

Well, kind of. Though it may seem like it’s impossible to improve on the nacho, there is in fact a way. Ditch those crusty, old tortilla chips and swap them out for tater tots.

Though a tortilla chip’s shape makes it a prime scooper and handheld plate for assorted nacho toppings, the chip itself has little to offer beyond being a salt bomb. Tortilla chips are dry and flavorless, especially when they’re pulled straight from the bag and thrown on your plate. And though they may be crisp and crunchy upon first bite, by the time you finish your nachos, the chips become a soggy mess, thus negating their main attribute.

Instead, consider the tater tot.

Yes, a loaded tot dish may be slightly more difficult to hold in your hand than a tortilla chip, but that’s why the good lord invented napkins and forks. But the crispiness and delicate flavor of a perfectly fried (or even baked) tater tot is what makes it the ultimate nacho base. The crunch of a tater tot does not go away after sitting beneath a bed of cheese, sour cream, and salsa. It maintains, like the sturdy and delicious potato product that it is.

And there’s something buttery, soft, and slightly savory about a perfectly-prepped tater tot that helps to counterbalance the spice of a jalapeño and the bold flavor of cumin and chili powder. A tater tot stands up to the nacho elements while still allowing the real stars to shine.

So the next time you’re hosting game day, forget the tortilla chip. Build your nachos with the base they truly deserve: the tater tot.