Enter Eat it! Student Prize Competition

From foodtank.com by Emma Shorr
Enter Eat it! Student Prize Competition

The Lemelson-MIT National Collegiate Student Prize Competition is adding new competition prize category this year—the Eat it! student prize. The Eat it! category will join three other categories: Cure it! Drive it! and Use it! Students submit technology-based inventions in these four categories that contribute to significant sectors of the economy. Adding the Eat it! category recognizes the important role of food and agriculture in the national economy, and provides an opportunity for students across the United States to significantly impact the food system through technology.

The Eat it! student prize will reward students for inventions that can improve food and agriculture. The competition is open to individual graduate students, or teams of undergraduate students. Graduate winners receive of prize of US$15,000 and undergraduates a prize of US$10,000; both receive national media coverage, exposure to business and investment communities, and a trip to an award ceremony at MIT.

Applications are open until January 30, 2015. To apply, visit http://lemelson.mit.edu/ to submit a cover letter, resume, and letter of recommendation.

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