El Norteño Taco Truck

Food Truck, Mexican
Harriet St (Bryant)
San Francisco, CA 94103



This old-style repurposed lunch wagon has become a SOMA standby, found daily at the corner of Harriet and Bryant streets, dispensing juicy carnitas tacos (as well as tacos made with brains, tongue, tripe, and other "variety cuts"), plump rice-stuffed Mission-style carne asada burritos, impeccable refritos, and other Mexican fare of the kind that may be conventional, but is always welcome. — Colman Andrews, 11/13/2012


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  • Heavy handed with rice, pretty light on the meat, and a bit dry for the steak. Nice staff though. Foods good enough to go back if you're around and craving Mexican food truck food.
  • $5 breakfast burrito... Best in the city! Also they make fresh Oj
  • Goat taco is on 7x7's Big Eat 2013.
  • If you're at the Hall of Justice, this taco truck is 1000 times better than other options nearby
  • Try the Tacos
  • The al pastor burrito I got with mealpal. Delicious and large!
  • Every burrito I've had here has been mindbogglingly good and HUGE about 1 lb 8-9oz (yes we weighed every burrito!). This place is a staple for my office. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • Excellent tacos, burritos, and plates with very friendly customer service. Best Mexican food I've had in the area.
  • Get the soup!
  • Always found across from the courthouse. We love their carnitas and goat, but their al pastor or carne asada will do in a pinch, and they serve some of the best salsa verde you'll find anywhere.
  • Don't get the hot sauce unless you really want to sweat!
  • Carnitas plate! Or shrimp, it's a must!
  • Had a "torta de carne asada" or steak sandwich with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and avocado. It was good and cost less than $8
  • The vegetarian burrito is just a regular burrito without meat. No extra veggies or tofu. Delicious but total food coma meal.
  • Crispy crispy tripas tacos.
  • Goat and tongue tacos, per SFoodie
  • Order the Buche taco. It's effing delicious and I have yet to find it on the menu at any truck this side of the bridge.

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