El Batey

Bar, Dive Bar, Speakeasy
$ $
101 Cll Del Cristo
San Juan, San Juan 00901
(787) 725-1787
4:00pm - 4:30am
4:00pm - 4:30am


  • holy shit they make strong well drinks here. and for only $4.50!
  • This is a dive of the first order. Write your name on the wall, smoke inside. Just get a Medalla Light (local PR Lite beer) and chill out. GREAT jukebox.
  • if the jukebox pages don't flip, 01 is beatles, 45 is zeppelin and 46 is pink floyd. you're welcome.
  • Grab a sharpie and leave your mark
  • If you're in San Juan and you don't sit here for hours drinking Ron del Barrilito, you're missing out on one of the city's greatest pleasures.
  • Alguien tiene un sharpie?
  • Drink fight fuck.
  • you could hit random numbers on the jukebox and it would still be great. leave your name on the wall in sharpie!
  • This dive is full of character and has a classic rock 'n' roll jukebox. The walls are covered in graffiti, there is a pool table and it's right in the middle of the Old City.
  • best bar ever!
  • You might find a pirate here. Best bar in OSJ, no question.
  • El Batey is an amazing dive bar. Don't look for food or restrooms, but for cheap drinks and pool and a little of the sketchy charm you gotta go. Find David and smoke a cigar with him.
  • Great place to hang out! Cheap beer! If you are there say hello to Lou... He's the bald guy at the bar!
  • If grace is here do not speak to her, she may dislike you
  • De los mejores sitios en VSJ, ese Jukebox hay que envidiarlo
  • As a nashville native, this is a great dirty rock n roll kinda bar for cheap beers and muy bueno musica.
  • Chill environment, strong drinks, super interesting wallpaper. Bring a sharpie... You'll know what to do.
  • Good spot for a Medalla
  • Love the lamps!!
  • With Zelda at El Batey...we have arrived!

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