Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) (Lot 18A, Level 5, Main Terminal Building)
Sepang, Selangor 64000
+60 3-8787 3812


  • Food is very expensive but the taste does not live up to the pricing. The dim sum is overcooked as well.Overall, a so-so experience.
  • Dim sum choice is very limited. Service is not up to standard of a pricey restaurant
  • Expensive but taste is ok. Probably should not be your first choice at this airport.
  • Dim sum! Awesome
  • The fruit juices are only half glass full... !!!
  • Ramadan meal not bad!!! - sayur wif squid sambal
  • Luv the chee cheong fun.....multi triple yummmehhhh!!!!!
  • The food was good but its a bit expensive.
  • Had iftar here today. Chinese food : fries garoupa, fried sweet sour chicken, shrimps & veggie for 6 pax. Rm300++ is definitely not worth it.
  • Dim Sum n Fried Rice
  • Pricey but the taste is there...
  • Just order these: Cantonese kuey teow, hokkein udon & chinese fried rice! Too bad their sauce for the dimsum tak sedap sgt.
  • The food doesn't justify the prices, only so-so... Aging decor and unfriendly staff doesn't help either
  • An overly overpriced restaurant that served a rather normal taste food. Dim sum choices are less. Not really a first choice place to dine. ;)
  • Overpriced food with so-so taste -.-
  • C graded services...
  • food was ok. service was almost non existant and it was expensive. the staff snubbed me for not tipping. i dont tip ghosts.
  • Very nice taste

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