Sprinkles Cupcakes Posts 'Take a Knee' Photo and Ignites Social Media Debate


Sprinkles Cupcakes is facing a divided social media reaction after posting a photo of cupcakes supporting the ongoing protests against systemic racism in America.

Sprinkles Cupcakes is letting the world know their stance on #TakeAKnee. The famous cupcake boutique posted a photo to all of their social media accounts with cupcakes spelling out “#Take-A-Knee” complete with a tiny fondant football.

The phrase has become a hot topic in recent days after President Donald Trump called NFL players protesting systemic racism “sons of b------” and said they should be “fired.” Some form of protest had been taking place since quarterback Colin Kaepernick began declining to stand for the national anthem during the 2016 NFL season in order to draw attention to ongoing police brutality against people of color, but the recent comments led to significantly higher numbers of players taking part. The president’s escalation of the controversy has divided not only the NFL audience, but the world.

Sprinkles Cupcakes’ decision to post the photo of their Take-A-Knee cupcake arrangement on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages caused an all-out brawl in the comments sections of each photo. There are many supportive responses from people celebrating the bakery for speaking up on an important social justice issue, but also many critical comments from customers and non-customers alike, many of whom seem confused regarding what the protests are even about.


The Daily Meal has reached out to the cupcake brand for a statement on the matter. We will continue to update the story once we hear back.