London’s Charlotte Street Hotel Launches John Hughes Film Series

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London’s Charlotte Street Hotel Launches John Hughes Film Series


The ostensibly little-known irony regarding perhaps the 80s’ most beloved film director, is that what was surely the best, most poignant John Hughes movie, was not actually directed by John Hughes. Indeed, 1986’s enduringly affective Pretty in Pink saw Howard Deutch get behind the camera, with the late JH relegated to a writing credit.

Still, silly as it could all be at times, the Hughes oeuvre taken together did uniquely and incisively capture what it was probably like growing up a teenaged outsider in America, those wonderful oddballs who ran with the post-punk dream of purple hair, contempt for suburban norms and a perpetual halo of noble existential alienation. Judd Nelson’s Bender in The Breakfast Club, especially, represented a new sort of paradigm of youthful antipathy for everything “respectable” and “ordinary.”

Said films also resonated with kids in Britain. And honoring that legacy, London’s perpetually hip Charlotte Street Hotel will launch a month-long John Hughes film series (in its private screening room) this Thursday, September 1, with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.



Pretty in Pink is particularly notable for its piercing delineation of teen “class” warfare, with a deliciously malicious performance by James Spader as uppity rich kid Steff, and the glorious Annie Potts as flamboyant-but-philosophical record shop proprietor Iona. But the series will also include the more grownup Planes, Trains and Automobiles, in which the director transposed that same sense of alienation and societal isolation onto a lonely shower curtain ring salesman, played brilliantly by John Candy.

To best make a night of it, the Soho-located hotel is offering dinner-or-cocktails-and-a-movie packages at its stylish Oscar Bar & Restaurant. For those not expecting to be in London during the next month, Firmdale’s two NYC hotels, The Crosby Street and The Whitby, each has its own ongoing Film Club series.


1st SEPT – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

8th SEPT – The Breakfast Club

15th SEPT – Planes, Trains and Automobiles

22nd SEPT – Pretty in Pink

29th SEPT – Sixteen Candles



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