Owen's Craft Mixers Announces National Retailer Deal, Will Expand To More Than 3,000 Stores In 2019

Owen's Craft Mixers
Young Entrepreneurs Rapidly Grow Business through New Walmart Distribution Deal

Young Entrepreneurs Rapidly Grow Business through New Walmart Distribution Deal

NEW YORK, March 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Owen's Craft Mixers, co-founded and co-owned by business partners and brothers-in-law Josh Miller and Tyler Holland, announce a new deal with national retail giant Walmart, part of the company's continued rapid growth across the country. Launched only three years ago, Owen's Craft mixers are carbonated, non-alcoholic mixers that combine real fruit and pure sugar cane to seamlessly and efficiently create craft cocktails, offering a variety of flavor profiles that mix perfectly with popular spirits. Developed to revolutionize cocktail culture and consumption, simplify the cocktail-making process at-home, cut down on waste and drive both revenue and efficiencies for partners including bars, restaurants and stadiums, the new Walmart deal adds to Miller and Holland's successes and comes off the heels of recent retail deals with Safeway, Alberstons, Vons, and Ralphs.  

"By the end of 2019, Owen's Craft Mixers will be available in more than 500 restaurants and bars and 3,000 retail stores nationwide, changing the way consumers approach entertaining and cocktails at home," says Josh Miller and Tyler Holland, co-founders and co-owners of Owen's Craft Mixers. "Since launching in 2016, we have tripled revenue each year over year due to consumer demand and anticipate that through these new distribution partners, we will continue our upward trajectory in the immediate future."

Strategically starting with hospitality partners including restaurants, bars and stadiums, Miller and Holland created a new demand for large-batch, shareable cocktails, providing partners with an opportunity to increase sales, cut down on cocktail-making time, produce less waste and mitigate overhead product costs. Maximizing efficiencies and driving new consumer consumption behaviors, Owen's Craft Mixers allow for partners and now, consumers, to pair 3-parts Owen's Craft Mixers with 1-part spirit of choice, or, no spirit at all. 

"The flexibility in product use, suitable for use with or without alcohol, has been most appealing to our current and future partners. We have opened an entire new segment of business for our retailers by offering a product that takes the complication out of making cocktails and mocktails, is made in the USA, comprised of high-quality ingredients and provides a value proposition thanks to a resealable design," adds Miller and Holland.

In the early years of Owen's Craft Mixers, Miller and Holland leveraged grassroots efforts to get their products into the hands of partners like Tao Group and celebrities to capitalize on low monetary investments to drive awareness and demand for the product on-premise. This next phase of retailer growth is a direct result of the duo's laser-focused efforts to evolve at-home cocktail culture and provide new opportunities for key retailers to increase overall sales and revenue.

Owen's Craft Mixers is slated to hit shelves at Walmart stores starting in summer 2019. For more information on Owen's Craft Mixers, please visit www.owensmixers.com.

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