Dragon Boat Restaurant

Row 1

203 Little Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Dim Sum, Chinese, Asian
$ $

Foursquare Tips

  • Shit service, bad food with shit variety of foods. Tasteless yum cha in town
  • Don't come here. The food is tasteless n their service is shit.
  • do not waste your time. food is so so and service is crap!
  • The service is shit. Some staffs are very rude.. The food just so so.
  • The service here sucks. And their menu is limited. You're much better off trying Westlake just two doors up the road.
  • I no likey mahjong much better
  • Those dim sum's are not that tasty. Maybe is too early in the morning for the staffs, all looks like down and sad. So so service. The xiu mai is ugly. Gosh!!!
  • Fken bad service ESP the old woman waitress..foods are awful!NEVER come back again
  • The food was average and the service was way below average..... Getting someones attention may get your head bitten off.
  • Food is plain and a bit pricy...if u want an authentic chinese food,this is not on the list.
  • i wont come here again...
  • Fish in the display tank are either laying on their sides on the bottom of the tank or have bites out of them. Not sure which is worse. Do you eat the open-wounded vetran or the near dead emo-fish?
  • good dimsum selections, like the dragon boat on lonsdale, served the best crispy skin roasted pork in town!
  • Deep fried stuffs is oily and smelly reuse oil.
  • Dumplings are a pass. But for the prices $5.80, $6.80 special,$7.80 deluxe?? A one time experience is enough
  • How can one go so wrong with yum cha? Absolutely terrible.
  • Better not come
  • Food is acceptable to good. Service is good without being over the top.
  • 90% of them are snobby Mando speaking trolley pushers.
  • Sheesh should have checked the reviews before entering... I also think I went to the wrong place as they don't have the spicy wonton oops!