Don Pedro's Taqueria

46 Main St
Winooski, VT 05404
(802) 655-7100


  • Flavorless. Awful representation of anything Mexican. Waste of time and money.
  • By far the worse Mexican place in the Burlington area. How do u fuck up nachos and a taco? Come on now. But the homemade chip r good
  • #1 Taco, Taco, Refried, White Rice. Thank you!
  • Just so you know, "grilled corn" must be Spanish for "deep fried corn" because I watched them put my corn on the cob in the deep fryer. Definitely NOT what I ordered.
  • Now open M-f 11-11 and Friday and Sat til 2!
  • It's good food. I wouldn't call it Mexican - gringo "Mexican" which is par for the course in these parts.
  • Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.
  • Good but way to pricey.
  • Good food, but they still don't have the service figured out. Worth trying, but never when you're in a hurry.
  • Barf. Worst Mexican I've had
  • Only place in Burlington area w appropriately priced mexican food. Def love it.
  • Delicious food...some of the best Mexican in the Burlington area...but I would seriously reconsider pitting the food on the paper sheets in the red baskets. Paper gets soggy and ends up in my belly...
  • Best mexican in the Burlington area. Try a burrito "wet" with red sauce.
  • Tacos were dry and bland, don't like excessive use of plastic. I'll give them another try in a month or two to see if they get their act together.
  • Don't ever forget anything there! I left my Ray bans and they said they would hold them for me and when I came to get them one of their employes stole them. I talked to the manager and he did nothing!
  • The avocado salsa is sooo good! Fun atmosphere, delicious food, and a very friendly owner!
  • Pricey. The cheese quesadillas are bland and boring. The tacos on the other hand are great! Still to pricey and the parking is just bad. Avg
  • Al pastor. Eat it.
  • Acceptable food. You should go to new world tortilla in south Burlington if you want a MUCH better burrito.
  • Do not get on the wall of posers.

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