Domgalo Portuguese Food 公雞葡國餐廳

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AF-AG, Avenida Sir Anders Ljungstedt


  • My favorite is the spicy French Fries, the spicy Fried Octopus and the "Beef Marrare" (Lisboa Style)! LOVE IT!!
  • The Filipino staff are quite rude. not even after 3 mins of going through their nearly hundred menu item am I told to order quickly. Understandable, it's busy. but execution could is lacking.
  • This place has a great atmosphere and the best food. I highly highly recommend it
  • The Filipino waiting staff act all entitled to be complete bitches, as if their visas were guaranteed forever. If you ask to speak to a manager they will be evasive or pretend to be one.
  • Lisboa steak!
  • Variety of food .
  • The food was normal, but the waitress are rude, services are bad and superb slow!!! Nvr bother to go back anymore...
  • Excellent Portuguese food!
  • Im not sure about this place. Tourist trap or not?

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