DIY Marble & Copper Foil Chargers

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DIY Marble & Copper Foil Chargers

DIY Marble & Copper Foil Chargers -
If you follow on Instagram or Snapchat (BirdsParty), you'd have seen sneak peeks of my home office makeover, which includes some DIY projects using marble contact paper. And copper tape. And marble contact paper with copper tape.
Yes, marble contact paper, along with copper tape; are two of my current obsessions when it comes to DIY party decor. 
And these plate chargers are some of the (many) fruits of that obsession. You're welcome ;)
DIY Marble & Copper Foil Chargers -
I love when a craft project takes minimum effort but provides maximum wow factor.
It's the case of these pretty chargers, which I'm planing to use for many a tablescape 'round here!
Wouldn't they be perfect for a mother's day table? Simple and quick to make, inexpensive and super adorable as a DIY gift too.
DIY Marble & Copper Foil Chargers -
I also re-cycled some white foam boards that I found in my studio spring cleaning marathon. Also shared on Snapchat BTW, in case you're still wondering if you should follow along ;)
Anyways, here's how to make your marble and copper chargers!DIY Marble & Copper ChargersMaterials:
* marble contact paper* copper tape (as seen here)* scissors* white foam boards (mine were 5 mm or 4/16 inch)* pencil* craft knife and cutting mat
DIY Marble & Copper Foil Chargers -
1) Use a charger or plate you already have as a template. Trace around the foam board and cut with a craft knife. Trim and neaten edges if needed with scissors. 
Don't sweat it not being perfectly smooth - it will add to the charm of the chargers and give them a more realistic "chipped marble look" ;)
2) Apply the copper tape to the edges of the foam board.
3) Fold the tape edges toward the top or bottom of the shapes as shown.
3) Using your circular template from step 1 above, measure and cut a circle out of contact paper. Apply the contact paper to the top of each foam board. Smooth with a soft cloth and push out any air bubbles. 
TIP: If you still find a couple of air bubbles at the end, then simply prick them with a tiny needle.
DIY Marble & Copper Foil Chargers -
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