Denali National Park & Preserve

National Park, Preserve
Park Rd. (at MP 237.4 Parks Hwy.)
Denali Park, AK 99755
(907) 683-2294


  • Do some awesome shit while you're here!
  • Peaking at 20,320 feet, Denali (the High One in Athabascan), is North America's tallest mountain. Most visitors enjoy the view from afar, that almost 1,000 climbers summit the peak every year.
  • watch for bears
  • We are on a Princess Cruise and stating at several Princess owned lodges. They give great service from the time you are boarding the ship and while on there tours!!
  • Watch the 18min free video at the visitor's center
  • Watch out for SOME of the stuck up euro-trash kids here... They can be extremely rude.
  • Wildlife: Caribou, grizzly bears, Dalls sheep, snowshoe hares, wolverines, Arctic ground squirrels, golden eagles, peregrine falcons and ptarmigans.
  • Did you know Denali National Park attracted gold miners in the early 1900s? Water quality in Caribou Creek decreased. Restoration projects since 1987 have restored surface waters:
  • Make sure your camera battery is full!! ;)
  • See the beaver dams at the bottom of horseshoe trail near the visitors center!
  • Drive out to Savage River and do the loop for an quick easy hike
  • The humans have preserved this region in a natural state as a reminder of the grandeur of their planet. Quite majestic. Once extra-solar, humans should make this the planet's Welcome Center.
  • Ride a bike to Wonder lake.
  • Less than 30% of visitors get to see the mountain due to clouds and weather conditions
  • Watch out for Bears
  • Moose lookout is pretty productive! Be sure to drive slowly...
  • The park has one road and only the first 15 miles are paved. If you drive be safe and download this free emergency guide app.
  • Theres so many sights & trails to explore
  • There are different trails with different hardness levels. The views are just amazing. Be careful and prepared for any encounters.
  • Take the bus tour into the park.