Death of a Bogeyman

Death of a Bogeyman

“Dietary cholesterol does not play a major role in determining cholesterol levels….”

The Fallacy of The Calorie p.125 (Koehler Books, 12/14)-Dr. Mike.

“The amount of cholesterol in your food doesn’t necessarily translate to a higher level of cholesterol in your blood,” Dr. Jon Lapook – Professor of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine and chief medical correspondent, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley February 10, 2015.

While Dr. Lapook framed his comments in the context of a recent study by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, a government advisory panel; I have been saying this for years. In fact, truth be told, if I only had a nickel for every derogatory remark and snickering jest made at my expense as I explained the evidence, I would be a very rich man indeed. Suffice to say I could easily fill a whole segment of “Mean Tweets” and then some.

For the details on the how’s and why’s you can simply read The Fallacy of the Calorie: Why the Modern Western Diet Is Killing Us and How to Stop It. Suffice to say, after examining the evidence and the current guidelines which recommend less than 300 mg of cholesterol per day, “a group from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology who looked at the issue in 2013 said there is simply not enough evidence of danger to call for limiting cholesterol in diets.”[1]

In fact, although they should never have likely been issued in the first placed, and most certainly have been modified or amended several years ago it does appear that according to sources in the know that “the committee will send its final recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which issue the dietary advice.. [they] are expected to issue Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015 later this year.”[2]

However, it seems that they should have included Paul Harvey on the committee, as the saying goes, “to get the whole story.” Although eggs and seafood have been welcomed back into the fold, meats and cheeses are still to be banned. The reasoning is that these tasty tender bits contain that other dietary bogeyman, saturated fat. And if you want to know the skinny on fat, and saturated fat, just read yesterday’s blog!

As for the whole story, and the whole truth, just read the book.

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