Row 1

5101 Duke St (at N. Pickett St.)
Alexandria, VA 22304
(703) 823-7430
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • Easily the worst pharmacy I've ever been, with consistent extremely long wait times. I've tried periodically for 7 years and there is no improvement. Any positive reviews prob friends of the owner.
  • The worst CVS ever. You stand in line to check yourself out while the staff stands nearby and watches. No thanks. I'll go to Target.
  • This. CVS sucks!!
  • They got a new pharmacist and she fills your orders really fast! They have certainly improved! I hope she knows she rules!
  • Absolutely takes forever. Ridiculous.
  • I have to agree... I can't believe it is always bad.. but each time I have to stop here I am amazed at the lack of customer service:-( dislike
  • Slowest pharmacy ever and the customer service is terrible!
  • Service here blows. They'd rather you wait or use the self check out instead of acknowledging your existence. Skip this location if you can.
  • The pharmacy is 24hours
  • I just have to note how friendly they are, great customer service!
  • I guess their main priority is to make you use their self checkout... talk about a customer service.
  • I've been going here long enough for people to know my name. So the service at the pharmacy isn't too bad when there are people working there that recognize me.
  • The customer service here is great every time I come.
  • Received my order from the pharmacy in record time. Did a little shopping and voila!" Pick up ready for Daya Washington". Best part....the pharmacy is 24hrs as we!!!! My condo is up the street.
  • Drive thru pharmacy is always slower than going in to pickup. Yet I continually subject myself to this farce out of abject laziness.
  • Not a CVS fan....